Brainstorming meeting 2/28/16





Dona McNeill                                    Kayelily Middleton                Dave Davenport

Debra May                             Margaret Toman                  Kathe Rauch

Nancy Williams                    Jeanette Boyd                      Gene Bober

Amnon Fried


1.    Study Group 1 “Thriving in Aging”


·      Those who wish to attend at the $85 rate will give Dave a check by March 10

·      Dona – Will send those attending the homework assignment to prepare for the first class March 21st

·      Debra – Will Join Dona, Kayelily and Dave to facilitate workshop


2.    Visits to Cohousing Communities


·      Dona - Will contact the Cohos for details about arrival and provide to drivers

·      All – There are a few spots left – share with friends


3.    Getting It Built Workshop


·      Dave - Will contact Chuck Durrett to ask clarifying questions about the workshop

·      Dave will email Brainstorm Group to answer questions

·      6 members of the Brainstorm Group will give Dave a check for $250 to book the Workshop on July 22, 23, 24

·      Dave – When 6 are satisfied with Chuck’s answers, will cash the checks and book the weekend with Chuck

·      Kayelily – Will encourage those on email list to consider committing to the Workshop (goal is to achieve 30 attendees)


4.    Land


·      Debra – Will check on some 9 acres of land she knows about on Honeycutt near Falls of Neuse


5.    Decision-making -  Nth Street Modified Consensus


·      All – Will read the Nth Street document and discuss at next brainstorm meeting




·      All – Distribute flyers, calling cards

·      All – Send Dave, Kayelily or Dona ideas about marketing, groups & people to reach out to

·      Kathe – Will look into low cost printing ideas for flyers

·      Margaret – Will send Kayelily information about Council of Churches and suggestions for Faith community contactsDONE

·      AARP – Someone will contact local chapter about our project

·      Kayelily, Dave and Dona - Will write a short article and a long article to have ready to submit to places that will allow us to submit. i.e. BOOM magazine. The Independent. Awakening. N&O




·      All – Please send Dona ideas about a Financial planner to talk with us about arranging our finances to participate in Coho



8.    NEXT Brainstorm MEETING (4/3/2016 – 1:00 – 4:00)


·      Discuss forming an LLC and opening a Bank account

·      All – will consider taking on the role of the Banker (Dave has volunteered – he is already has a large role but he would prefer someone else take over)

·      Kayelily – Will invite others from the Potluck to join the Brainstorm Committee

·      Nancy – Will talk to some developers about our cohousing project and ask for their ideas about partnering/funding options

·      All – Send Kayelily ideas for agendas



9.    NEXT Potluck (3/20/2016 – 5:00 – 7:00)


·      Kayelily – Will ask Rose Marie if we can cancel the Club house booking to save money

·      Kayelily- Will send an address change for next Potluck meeting and potluck to Debra’s house - 8112 Olde Hill Ct. Raleigh,

·      All – Send Kayelily ideas for agendas