Planning Meeting (Changed from “Brainstorming”)




Ground rules for our meetings:

Everyone is encouraged to bring up any ideas and explore them with the group. Ideas generated at the meeting will become Action Items when someone takes ownership of the idea, agrees to do any homework associated, report back to the group and the group agrees that it is a worthwhile effort to pursue at this time.

ACTION – Proposal Accepted by Consensus


Senior, Multigenerational or Adult Cohousing?

There is a perceived stigma to being call “Senior” as if cohousing is just another warehouse solution for older people. To Change that we will explore alternative naming and marketing strategies


ACTION – Dave will change the webpage from “Raleigh Senior Cohousing” to “Raleigh Couhousing”

ACTION – We will have a brainstorming session April 10th 4:00 – 5:00 at Sassool’s (on Strickland Road near 6 Forks) to discuss naming and marketing our group so that we attract adult couples, roommates, or singles who live without young and teenage children.  Attention will be paid to messaging the inclusion of all ages of adults.


Property discussion

We are not ready to purchase land at this point.  We are ready to explore what types of properties are available for building, renovating or for creating a pocket neighborhood.

ACTION – All – We will pay attention to for sale signs, real estate listings, interesting property that is near amenities.  If you have ideas keep a list that can be compiled for future reference.  

ACTION – This summer some of us will visit City Planning offices to see what plans there are for various areas and parcels of land that would make them appealing for our project.


Local architects: exploration now or after the GIB workshop

ACTION – All – We will keep our eyes open for architects and architectural programs that might be interested in our project. Make contacts, get information, explore ideas.


Visits to Cohousing Communities

ACTION – Dona will post slide show with notes for the 2 Tour Days on DropBox



Getting It Built Workshop weekend: July 22nd

ACTION – We will market the Getting It Built Workshop for $350 per person.  With 20 people that will cover the $8,000 cost.  Wit 21 – 30 people that will cover the cost of renting a room for the public meeting and the 2 day workshop plus refreshments.

ACTION – Deb May will put up a Cohousing Meetup to advertise Potlucks and the “Getting It Built” Workshop

ACTION – Deb will advertise the “Getting It Built” Workshop on her “Golden Girls” Meetup.

ACTION – We need an inexpensive place for 30 people to take the workshop. Holly – Check with Center for Community Leadership and Jr. League Office.  Kayelily – Crabtree Chiropractic.  Deb – Place on Strickland. Judy – Women’s Club.

Dona – Holly Springs Cultural Center – 9:00 – 5:00 Saturday - $60.00, $210 for Sunday (extra to pay for staff) 10:00 – 4:00

ACTION – Village Hearth mentioned that they planned to meet with Katy McCammat when she came to town for the GIB workshop and could share the travel costs. Dona will confirm that with Village Hearth

ACTION – Someone mentioned that Charlotte Cohousing might like to join the GIB workshop – follow-up



Head Shots and Bios

ACTION – Send Kayelily a headshot and a brief bio by the end of April



We decided to use the brochure about cohousing and use stickers to add our contact information.

ACTION – Mark will get 250 brochures printed.


Ideas gathered from Village Hearth - Independent Weekly - “Activism” Section - free, Raleigh may have a Business & Visitors Bureau publication that is free for advertising.  “The Poster Guys” will distribute 100 flyers on bulletin boards for $50.

ACTION – Advertising Ideas to be discussed at next Planning Meeting



Cohousing Open House – April 30th

ACTION – Caroline and Holly will set up a table at the Durham Coho (10:00 – 2:00)

ACTION – Kayelily will notify Alice that we will be hosting a booth and ask to download the movie

Next meetings

4/10/2016 – 4:00 – 5:00 – Brainstorming at Sassool’s (on Strickland Road near 6 Forks) Discuss naming, framing, advertising our Cohousing community. We want to appeal to adults and keep our senior services friends.

4/10/2016 – 5:00 – 7:00 – Dinner at Sassool’s talk about cohousing with Cheryl Viering from Mobile Alabama and Christa from DC


April 17 – 5:00 – 7:00 - Potluck at Dave and Kayelily’s House, 1125 Shadyside Drive

Raleigh NC 27612, (919) 345-7886, (919) 345-4608, (919) 345-7886


May 1, 2016 – 1:00 – 4:00 – Planning Meeting – 1125 Shadyside Drive