ATTENDING: Mark and Judy Wright, Art and Carol Brickman, Kayelily Middleton and Dave Davenport, Amnon Freid, Andy Gilliam, Holly Menard, Sonya Drew, Margaret Toman, Lorraine Stephens, Clara Davis, Debra May


While self-introductions were being made the need for a VISION for our cohousing group emerged and was discussed.


ACTION: We decided to have a Visioning session prior to the potluck on the 15th at Judy and Mark’s home from 3:00 to 5:00. At that session a committee will be formed to actually write a vision statement based on what we decide are important features to us.


Green Acres on Honeycutt was discussed at length.

ACTION: It was decided to put it on the back burner and look for other land that would not need such complicated and risky ventures. It is not likely to be sold any time soon due to the complexity of the situation there so we could come back to it later if we decided to pursue it in more specific terms. Thanks to Andy Gilliam for making the situation clear.


Brochures: ACTION: Mark has gotten the cohousing brochures printed and will now get stickers to affix to them with our website and email on them.


Proposed Consultation with Katie McCamant before the GIB workshop:

ACTION: We decided not to pursue this at this time.


Getting It Built Workshop  July 22, 23, 24. Discussion on how to handle.

ACTION: A committee to handle the sign-up, pricing and collection, venue, marketing, and logistics of this workshop was formed of Debra and Sonya (co-chairs), Margaret, Holly, Andy, and Dave D. who is the liaison with Chuck Durrett’s office.

ACTION: Dave will send the parameters for the workshop and Friday evening program from Chuck’s office to Debra and Sonya.


OUT! Raleigh May 7th from 11 to 6.

ACTION: Amnon volunteered to be at Unity of the Triangle booth and hand out cohousing literature. He would like someone to help him with this and we will bring this up Monday evening at the Thriving in Aging workshop.

ACTION: Kayelily sent email to Holly who will get poster printed at Kinko’s to Amnon.


Headshots and bios on websiteACTION: Need photo and bio to post—send to Kayelily



ACTION: May 15th 5:00 to 7:00. Kayelily emphasized that these are more than just events to meet and educate new prospects on cohousing. They are also very important community-building occasions as we get to know each other better as well as getting to know new folks. Everyone is encouraged to attend every one that you possibly can. Please RSVP to Kayelily at so we have a headcount for paper goods.



ACTION: June 26 from 5:00 to 7:00 @ Terry and Bernie Grunwald’s home in N. Raleigh. Candlewood Drive (off Lynn Rd) at the very end—left driveway or park in cul-de-sac.


ACTION: NEXT PLANNING MEETING  will be Sunday June 12th at 4:00 to 6:00 after which we will order pizza delivered. Kayelily and Dave’s home at 1125 Shadyside Drive.


After the meeting Andy showed us how to use IMAPS, the Wake County/Raleigh zoning map to search for land that fits us.