Potluck #1 - 1/17/16

There were 30 of us crammed into Kayelily and Dave's family room to hear what the "burning souls" of the newly forming Village Hearth Senior cohousing community had to share with us as they pursue their dream of their cohousing community. They have purchased 15 acres of land in N. Durham and are taking the next step in increasing the number of households before they begin the site planning. Pat and Margaret were most informative and the Q&A session was quite lively!

Next step, Potluck #2 followed by a 10 week course called "Thriving in Aging." One person told me that she took the course in Chapel Hill and loved it so much she may do it again! It is designed to look at the aging process, quality of life and our options for our future. 

Here are some photos of the potluck!