Empathy in Action

When interacting with a group of people, understanding styles and principles of communication is invaluable. Recently some of us in Raleigh Cohousing went to a Non-Violent Communications workshop. Don't like the name of this because it has the word Violent in it. Another name suggested for the technique is Compassionate Communication. I do like that better. It is a good model for recognizing your own thoughts and feelings when something pings you and instead of a knee jerk reaction, going inside and consciously deciding on a response, or not. Very similar to a 4 step conflict resolution technique I teach engaged couples. 

Today I ran across a term "Empathy in Action" in the newsletter of a forming cohousing group so I thought I would check it out. The cohousing group has what they call an Action/Friday Forum (a non-business biweekly meeting). Hmmmm. A getting to know each other better, I guess. They use  Empathy in Action as a tool. 

So, I found this cartoon by Brene Brown whom I hold in great esteem that explains it. Please watch it. It is short and to the point. It is part of a series called NewConversations.net and a chapter in The Seven Challenges Workbook.