Property Search!

Our core group of cohousers have gravitated toward a "suburban" type of community. We prefer all one level homes and like the idea of stepping out the door onto the earth as opposed to an urban hi-rise kind of housing. Besides, downtown Raleigh offers little in the way of affordable property for sale. 

The other night the property search team met with a developer to discuss our vision of having 25 to 30 homes which may be attached or detached, in close proximity clustered around a large common house on level land. It would be like building a small subdivision in which the homes are closer together with front porches facing the center of the group of homes with pedestrian walkways. The road would be located around the periphery of the group of homes with parking behind each home. There would be open green space for walking trails and gardens. 

There are zoning restrictions and density restrictions and many other factors including cost that have to be taken into consideration. Wake County has never been the site of a cohousing community so we are blazing the trail. We need at least 10 acres of land.

Anyone know of any land that might be a possibility? If so, contact Kayelily at!