Getting It Built Weekend Workshop a BIG Success!

The Friday night free to the public presentation at the Unitarian church drew 71 people and lots of questions. Some of those there joined us Sunday the 31st at the debriefing session and potluck.

There were 28 attendees to this very important GIB weekend workshop presented by the experts, Katie McCamant and Chuck Durrett. Essentially you organize people into memberships and concentrate on development until you find the land. Once land is procured, the site design workshops begin to bring into physical reality the values and features the group desires. The material was on point, very detailed, and at some points overwhelming. Mark said to me: "To go forward in building this cohousing community without Katie and Chuck on board and guiding us would be like trying to win the Super Bowl without a coach!" In their business Cohousing Solutions, Katie has taken on the role of development consultant for forming cohousing communities and Chuck joins the project as chief architect/site designer when land is found and conducts a series of workshops as we move forward into the physical construction then move-in! 

Dave spoke to many other cohousers when at the National CoHo Conference in May. Those who had not had expert guidance from those who have done this many times before told Dave that they went down many expensive blind alleys in their route to building their cohousing and had to turn around and start again.